High quality materials

Made of high-quality PVC.It hasmoisture-proofand wear-resistantproperties. They can be used for aong time.

Anti slip grip

Widened grip, matte textureanti slip grip, comfortable

Reduce injuries

comfortable touch,Not dam-aging the floor, effectively re-ducing injuries during exercise.

Stable placement

Wide base for stable placement.

Logo and warranty period

The logo is imprinted on thesurface which is not easilyworn.The warranty period isone year.

Suitable for a varietyof training scenarios

Exercises the core, promotes totabody muscle and coordinationand is a smart investment for the gym.

Technical Parameters

Color White, pink, brown, blue
Material PVC
Weight 120g(White, pink);250g(brown, blue)
Specification 20cm(White, pink);30cm(brown, blue)

The mini pilates Ball is made from high quality PVC material. The ball stays flexible and soft when fully inflated and is used during yoga, Pilates or physiotherapy sessions. The Mini Yoga Ball improves strength flexibility and balance, builds core strength and improves endurance. The explosion-proof design increases safety and will not suddenly explode when punctured, it will deflate slowly.