Under this circumstance, IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition (referred to as “IWF SHANGHAI”), which is the benchmark of the Asian fitness industry, continues to adhere to the theme of “Innovation and Technology”, and steadily improves its layout.

Lipper, as an old friend of IWF, adheres to the concept of “focus on life and focus on quality”, and provides high-standard hardware support for national fitness.


As a leading functional training brand in China, LIVEPRO is committed to helping athletes and customers of any level to improve their physical fitness, and professionally creating a “comfortable, high-quality, stylish” sports and leisure environment to meet users’ balance and flexibility in different sports And functional requirements for agility. With perfect design and exquisite craftsmanship, LIVEPRO has created functional training products with excellent humanity, durability, and precision, and won a good reputation in the industry with “high quality, high performance, and high grade.”


“Details” and “quality” have always been the focus of production of LIVEPRO functional training products. LIVEPRO has a professional design team and technical experts. Each functional training product was born under the expert team’s system design and fine measurement. Yes, no matter it is the texture or fineness of the product, there are technicians who repeatedly test and strive for excellence.


The design of LIVEPRO products is based on the two cores of “safety” and “comfort”. Functional training products have undergone strict factory inspections. They have super stability, abrasion resistance and smooth movement, providing users with reliable, Convenient sports experience. At the same time, in the pursuit of “green, environmentally friendly” environment, LIVEPRO is more focused on the application of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to products, and truly emphasizes the comprehensiveness of health.

Compared with other brands, LIVEPRO has unlimited creativity. LIVEPRO always adheres to the support of technology, making functional training sublimated into an indispensable comprehensive sports experience in life, making sports no longer a mechanical exercise, A systematic, thought movement, a lifestyle and health concept. In this way, LIVEPRO encourages self-growth and continuous innovation in industry standards, so as to achieve superior development of product quality.


– who are we –
LIVEPRO is a high-end fitness equipment brand dedicated to providing solutions for sports fitness training equipment systems for high-end gyms, boutique studios and professional sports teams.

-What we do-We have been researching the fitness industry for 15 years, always listening to feedback from customers worldwide, and constantly designing and innovating. We are committed to providing high-end fitness equipment, perfect training systems, and helping customers create fitness system solutions to obtain the best Fitness experience space.


How are we doing-How are we doing? In the past 15 years, our distribution network has spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, helped more than 4,000 gyms and clubs, reached strategic cooperation with top European training institutions TECNOSPORTS, PLANET FITNESS, the company completed sales of 150 million yuan in 2017, LIVEPRO Has become a well-known brand in the functional training category, representing China’s power to the world.

-4 reasons to buy from us
1. Genuine guarantee, the longest warranty is 3 years
2. All product materials are healthy and environmentally friendly, product production is strictly managed, and product quality meets the brand’s requirements for product durability and safety.
3. All products are in stock and shipped quickly.
4. Some products can help customers customize their individual logos and colors.