This facility is a heavy-duty, sturdy, ultra-large tube structure squat rack that is commercially available in the market. The construction made of 75×75 mm steel frame and bolting connection made it more stable.

The four-side hole design with 1,184 master holes provides unbounded workout potentials. As constructed in consideration of scalability instead of substitution, the squat rack will accompany with your growth by new accessories and customizable
storage. Potentially as the rack with most extensive applications than ever, it allows for more persons to train in a venue and improves the accommodation capacity in your venue.

This product is made of Q235 high-grade steel, laser cut and welded seamlessly, which tends to be more firm and durable.

-The surface is applied with blue color powder coating and subject to heat treatment, and the matte coating would lead to better hand feel and texture, which appears to be nice and solid. All areas are finished by special sandblasting and chemical cleaning, followed by painting process, which provides stronger resistance to corrosion and better protection against rust.

-With 4 pieces of stand columns, holes are evenly distributed across the stand columns on four sides, there are 1,184 master holes provided on the product.

-Hooks can be freely adjustable according to workout needs, offering unbounded workout potentials.

-Multiple storage sites

-240kg power rack can bear a load up to 2000kg.

-Bars and hooks are protected by PP boards to shield from scratch

-7 colors are available for customization