Using advanced control computer and servo motor technology, the motor can be accurately controlled at a control frequency of more than 2000Hz, and the training data can be recorded and displayed at the reaction speed of more than 200Hz, which fully meets the test and training requirements.

The servo motor realizes digital precision control of resistance and speed as well as feedback of key data. The resistance accuracy is as high as 0.1lb and the speed accuracy is up to 0.1m/s. Thus, it can accurately collect motion information and accurately control the output of resistance. It can not only continuously provide constant resistance, but also meet the specific effect resistance of actual training requirements.

12 gear adjustment in vertical direction, 120mm-2400mm; 5 gear adjustment in horizontal direction, 600mm-2300mm

Technical specifications:

Continuous centripetal force setting: 0.5kg-32kg (1lbs-70.5lbs)
Continuous centrifugal force setting: 0.5kg-32kg (1lbs-70.5lbs)
Centripetal speed: 0.1-8.0m/s (0.3-26ft/s)
Centrifugal speed: 0.1-8.0m/s (0.3-26ft/s)
The highest point of the rope: 2.4m (7.8ft)
The lowest point of the rope: 0.1m (0.4ft)
The maximum horizontal distance between the ropes: 2.3m (7.5ft)
Minimum distance between ropes: 0.6m (2.0ft)
Maximum rope length: 4.0m (113.1ft)
Maximum centripetal/centrifugal force 32kg/70.5lbs continuous: 100S
Weight: 270kg (595lb)
Clear height: 1.63m (5.3ft)
Equipment size (mm): deep * section * high: 1375*2046*1647
Leveling angle of display interface: 5°-20°
Training control frequency: 2000Hz Curve display frequency: 200Hz 12 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1024*768 Servo motor provides resistance Centripetal force, centrifugal force, centripetal speed, centrifu- gal speed are individually and continuously adjustable, and the force adjustment accuracy is 0.1lb

The system collects and records training data in real time, and displays the curve in real time, and can be stored in the cloud Coach action demonstration function at any time, modify sports setting parameters (demonstration action data does not affect normal training data)

Training plan management: can manage athlete data and make different plans based on test results

Software function: 7 kinds of training mode selection, custom parameter setting (centripetal force, centrifugal force, centripetal speed, centrifugal speed).

Support Chinese and English display Data recording and viewing: the panel records the training data in real time, and the curve coordinate display content is optional: X axis: position, time; Y axis: power, power, speed; histogram: peak power, average power, peak speed, average speed, Force devel- opment rate (RFD)

Multiple training modes and inertia compensation to adapt to different types of sports.
Constant isotonic, centrifugal isotonic, centripe- tal isotonic, centripetal constant velocity, no inertia, elastic resis- tance, fluid resistance.

Web segment data management system, exportable to Excel file format Support mobile APP to log in to the device. After the device is connected to the Internet, personal plan issuance and training data upload.