Squat stand is offered in several options of customizable colors, with an upper bar for height configuration. You can easily configure a suitable height according to height for safe exercise. This product is tailored for squat, bench press, pull-up, and press-down. Four PVC bottom pads which directly contact the floor can maximize stability.

-This product is made of Q235 high-grade steel, laser cut and welded seamlessly, which tends to be more firm and durable.
-Applied with blue color powder coating
-Holes are evenly distributed across the stand column, allowing for free adjustable height of hooks whenever necessary.
-The steel pipes on the base are securely coupled to the vertical pipes by triangle pieces.

-Brand: Livepro
-Color: Black and blue
-Material: Steel
-Weight: 85kg
-Product dimensions: 125×138×230cm
-Steel pipe size: 75×75×3mm