• Enhance grip strength:The functional training basketball is specially designed to enhance finger and hand grip strength, helping athletes improve their grip strength through its unique materials and structure.
• Increase confidence: The “Ball Strong” concept is integrated into the design to enable athletes to increase their confidence in ball control and passing when using the basketball.
• Reduce turnovers: By improving hand strength and ball control, basketball helps reduce turnovers in games and training, especially in high-stress situations.
• Restore scenes from actual basketball combat. Perfectly combines real basketball ball grip with special basketball performance. Train with the most essential attitude of basketball and let training return to the game!

Weight 1670g
Size Basketball diameter 24-24.2cm (FIBA/NBA adult men’s standard)
Color Orange
Materials and


Surface: composite leather/Middle: natural rubber buffer layer

Inner: polycarbonate\Anchor point: stainless steel

Grip Bump texture\Channel design\Microfiber construction
Anchor point

bearing capacity

maximum 500KG
Elasticity Inelastic design, not suitable for rebound training


Designed to withstand daily training use, but not suitable for

drops from more than 1 meter to avoid deformation

Warranty 1 year