The balance belt is an ideal tool for leisure and fitness. It can be used for balance training and resistance training. It can be used along with other equipment to complete some movements and achieve whole body training. The equipment has a power coated metal frame, a 5m long classic webbing rope, and can be easily installed in 15 minutes. One end rotates to complete the length and tightness of the webbing. There are leather wraps on both sides for protection. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can use it to complete flexible and interesting training.


Resistance sled is a sled-like training tool that can be stacked with heavy weights (usually barbell weight plates), in order to increase physical fitness and speed during exercise, and can mobilize almost the whole body muscle groups during training, with great exertion and simple movements, making it a priority for strength training. The sled is made of durable steel tubing, with very little welded construction, very strong and durable. It can also be pushed and pulled on multiple surfaces with accessories and has a flat bottom, allowing training on a variety of surfaces.

Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black
Material Steel
Weight 23kg
Product size 205.5×32×34cm
Total length of webbing 2.5m
Weaving width 5cm
Rubber pad thickness 3mm

Product Features

1.High quality steel


The balance belt is made with high quality Q235 tubes, laser cut, and very durable.

2.Black power coating

The surface of the main section is coated with black powder and processed at high temperatures to increase the feel, texture, and corrosion resistance. It does not easily rust.

3.Adjust themselves

The webbing is made of polypropylene, has a length of 2.5m, width of 5cm, and a thickness of 2mm. This makes the belt extremely secure. You can rotate one side to adjust both the length and tightness.

4.Leather wrapped

The balance belt is wrapped with PVC leather on both sides. This leather effectively protects the webbing on both sides and does not easily tear.

5.Anti-slip rubber pad

The rubber pad has a thickness of 3mm. The bottom not only has an anti-slip effect but it also effectively protects the ground and surrounding equipment.

6.Logo and warranty

The metal trademark is lasered onto the pipe, will not wear out, and has a one year comprehensive commercial warranty for damage.

7.Various scenes

This belt is very suitable for commercial gyms, clubs, fitness studios, and home gyms. It is a wise investment.