Livepro’s advanced polyurethane dumbbells are well suited for free-strength training. They are made of alloy steel handles that are completely pressed to each solid steel head and welded outside to achieve maximum strength. This also avoids any needed damage and repair. The head is wrapped by a 12mm thick polyurethane later that is shock absorbing and impact resistant. It better protects the floor and the surrounding equipment. The middle level rolling design of the handle surface is improved and the gripping is very comfortable. It can be gripped even if one’s hand is sweating during exercise. The dumbbell is treated with hard chrome coating that is not only beautiful, corrosion resistant, and durable. They are a good choice for commercial or household use.



Livepro’s twelve sided polyurethane dumbbells are made with alloy steel handles that are fully pressed into each solid steel head. They are then welded on the outside to achieve maximum strength. This prevents damage and the need for secondary maintenance. To protect the dumbbells center, floor, and surrounding equipment, Livepro specially designed a polyurethane coating that is 12mm thick. The polyurethane material has a strong gloss texture that is extremely impact resistant. Each handle is processed with medium strength diamond knurling that is enough to provide a solid grip and enough friction without slip. The hard surface of the chrome will not fall off or rust like the coating of other dumbbell handles. Livepro’s solid polyurethane dumbbells are a worthy investment for any training space.

Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black/Silver/Blue
Material solid steel head, wrapped in polyurethane layer
Weight range 2-50kg
Handle length 155mm
Handle diameter 2-20kg, 32mm in diameter
22-50kg, 34mm in diameter

Product Features

1.Accuracy and diversity

Livepro’s polyurethane dumbbells have a wide range of weights. They range from 2kg to 50kg (5lbs to 110lbs), are high quality and durable. Each solid steel dumbbell head is precisely calculated, cut, and drilled out. The weight tolerance is +/- 2%.

2.High quality polyurethane

Our dumbbells use the highestlevel of polyurethane material on the market. The matte particles are very textured, wear resistant, highly stable, odor-less, and not easily faded. Even with long term use, the cover will not crack, peel, wipe off, or become degraded.

3.Alloy steel handle

The dumbbells handle is made of high strength alloy steel thatis heat treated to enhance strength. It is then plated with a durable hard chrome coating that does not rust. The handle has medium intensity diamond knurling that is enough to provide a solid wor-ry-free grip.

4.Sturdy dumbbells

The handles are completely pressed into each head and then fully welded outside to achieve the most durable integrity structure. There are no gaps or space for it to be loose or fracture. Each head is chamfered to eliminate the impact force between steel and urethane materials, therefore obtain-ing longer impact resistance.


The dumbbell head is a 12mm thick polyurethane layer that is wrapped and effectively protects the dumbbells internal core, the ground, and sur-rounding products.

6.Logo and warranty

Livepro’s trademark and weight are permanently engraved onto each dumbbell. It will not be worn out and there is a six year comprehensive commercial warranty for damage.

7.Various scenes

Dumbbells are a basic fitness equip-ment that are suitable for scene, gen-eral, functional, strength, and HIIT training. They are a wise investment for any gym.