TPE yoga mat with more advanced technology improvement is longer and thicker than LIVEPRO PVC model suspension mat. High-quality TPE material is light and flexible, with 1cm thickness, providing the best cushioning and support for joints. Made of non-toxic TPE material, it is more healthy to use. With hanging hole design, it can be hung on the shelf after daily use, which can keep its flat shape intact. The textured design provides a non-slip surface for longer lasting comfort for training.

TPE Yoga Mat

The Livepro Rope Puller is based on the simple principle of rock climbing and utilizes a magnetically controlled resistance machine that provides an isometric aerobic workout. People of any age and athletic ability can safely use our rope for training. It has a total of six levels of resistance, and we can change the speed of the rope puller by adjusting the resistance for different fitness purposes to provide maximum resistance training for athletes. The polyurethane material of the rope can provide comfortable grip and reduce friction and slippage during exercise.

Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black
Material TPE
Weight 1220g
Size 183x61x1cm

Product Features

1.Not easily deformed

Made of high-density environmental protection TPE material, it is light and elastic, quick recovered after pressing and not easy to deformation.

2.Anti-slip and stable

Anti-slip texture on the surface of the mat allows you to maintain stability during exercise and longer-lasting movement.

3.Hanging design

The mat is designed with hanging holes, which is easy to hang. It can be hung for storage daily with no waste of space and the mat does not have to worry about deformation due to roll-up.

4.More effective protection

The mat is 1cm thick to provide more support for the joints, and the elastic material provides the best cushioning for the joints, effectively protecting the joints and reducing injuries.

5.Logo and warranty

Logo permanently engraved on the mat, will not wear out, with a full 1-year commercial warranty against damage.

6.Various scenes

Perfect for core training and stretching, yoga training, etc.