Pulley wire is one of the most important heavy-duty components, for which we have made several patented designs and comprehensive upgrades to improve its performance and durability.

Eight pulleys, patented 45-degree arrangement, compress the number to the limit, while using boat-grade steel wire, 025 solid stainless steel guides, high-precision village sleeves and tight pulleys, together with a full set of aluminum alloy pulleys to improve the stability, precision and durability of the slide.

One of the secrets to our versatility is that, in addition to rearranging the pulleys, we also recast the steel sheets to compress the volume-to-weight ratio to the limit.

With the high stability of the “Precision Sliding” component, we have added a bungee cord function. This helps to avoid the “whip effect” that occurs in the wire during strong pulling, i.e. elasticity and inertia problems caused by uneven energy propagation.

Material Q235 steel, 304 stainless steel
Size 635*270*2610mm
Weight 445kg
Counter weights 250lb*2
Includes Main parts of the steel wire*2
Column*2, Side posts*2
8.8 Screw set*4
Compatibility Ø26mm, 50mm PCD
1075mm ISW
Warranty 6months-10years