The newly upgraded ground beam maintains the original rigidity and center while reducing the overall volume, and adds let hole treatment on both sides of the ground sheet metal, so that the height of the connecting sheet metal can be consistent with the side pillar during installation, and the characteristics of the protective arm can be used at a height of 35cm above the ground.

Linked sheet metal continues our design concept of high scalability, which can be installed laterally, reducing the height of the ground side columns and increasing lateral passability. It can also be installed in the landscape to enhance the stability of the frame.

Material Q235 steel
Surface Black fine sand
Size 1775/1075*171*204mm
Weight 13.7kg, 9.5kg
Includes Glidebeam*1

8.8 Screw set*4

Compatibility Ø26mm, 50mm PCD

1075mm ISW

Warranty 6 months-10 years