Mega Bridge

Newly upgraded bridge frame with reduced angle of inclined columns and enhanced maneuverability for climbing sports.

The bridge is a pure aerial frame with almost no special parts, and the ribs of the middle 1075 fit with the bridge columns to align the holes outside the frame and can be reused within the frame, thanks to the strict implementation of the mathematical system of the E25 series. The connection method relies on a screw group with a diameter of 8.8 class M24, so it is possible to use a simple connection method such as a bridge column and has a high degree of reliability.

Material Q235 steel, 304 stainless steel
Surface Black fine sand
Size 2775*215*312mm
Grip diameter Ø32mm
Weight 183.3kg
Includes Mega bridge*1

8.8 Screw set*8

Compatibility 75mm SQ Tube, Ø26mm

50mm PCD

Warranty 6 months-10 years