Split Dual Rack

SDR is a good choice if you want a low footprint, dual standing, and barbell plate mounting.
wo fundamentally symmetrical half-frames can be obtained by bisecting the single frame by connecting columns. It can meet the simultaneous installation of complex steel wires on both sides, allowing two stations outside the frame to be used at the same time. The C Door can still be equipped with barbell plates and other accessories.

Material Q235 steel
Color Black fine sand, Blue
Size 2570*1865*2500mm
Weight 310kg
Includes Column*4                      Vertical connecting post*2
Side post*4                    Hanging rod*8
Digital horizontal         Protective hook*4
column*1                        Protective arm*2
Bat handle*1                  Protective strap*2
Horizontal bar*1           Protective bar*2
Compatibility 75mm SQ Tube, Ø26mm
1075mm ISW
Warranty 6 months-10 years