The LIVEPRO pedal is an essential training tool for group training. It can be used for aerobic pedal gymnastics training, mainly for hamstring and hip muscles, with many variations of movements and more entertaining, so it is sought after by fitness people at home and abroad. The pedal pads can also be used as training equipment alone, in short, can provide a variety of training solutions, and is an indispensable training tool. The product uses high-quality TPE material and is designed with the surface pattern, which is not only soft to the touch, but also doubly ensures the sturdiness and stability.


The surface bar is welded, which is not easy to loosen

The pedal surface bars are hot-welded, which is very strong and not easy to loosen


The TPE material on the surface of the pedal has high anti-slip properties; the tread texture design increases the grip and improves the anti-slip performance; the TPE pad foot increases the stability of the pedal and effectively prevents movement

Target training area

The target training area on the surface is more humanized

Adjustable height

Trainers can adjust the pedal height and tilt by increasing or decreasing the number of small pedals according to their needs. Small pedal size is 43×43cm, single layer height is 9.8cm and stacked height is 15cm

Safety locking

Safety locking system is to ensure safe stacking of pedal feet

Logo and warranty

Logo permanently engraved on each pedal, will not wear out, with a full 1 year commercial warranty against damage

Suitable for various training scenarios

The pedals are perfect for fitness studios, commercial gyms and clubs, fitness training centers, etc. and are a smart investment for the gym


Technical Parameters

Brand: Livepro

Color: blue + black + gray

Material: PP+TPE

Weight: 9.3kg

Size: 108×43×10.5-15.8cm

Small pedal size: 43×43×9.8cm